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158 cm
55 kg
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For example, you feel sweating and fever on the top of your head, fever on your back, and clear meridians in your limbs. Kidney deficiency, impotence, premature ejaculation, prostatitis, low sexual function, varicose spermatic cord, small penis, cold limbs, backache, and collateral position in the urethra and vas deferens. It can relieve men's hidden anger and fundamentally solve deep-seated physical fatigue.
Chuchu, Lele and Tiantian, the professional masters of Lekang Bar in Central District, are three angels who can help you!
Popular science:
What is dragon tendon grabbing?
Many people may be confused and don’t know what dragon tendon grabbing is. It is said that grasping dragon tendons has been around since ancient times, originating from India, and was introduced to Thailand along with yoga. In ancient times, technicians would grab dragon tendons for emperors, and it is said that the technique included the secret technique of giving birth to a boy. Of course, it is superstitious to conceive a boy, but grasping the dragon tendons does have the effect of strengthening the kidneys and strengthening yang. Especially in Thailand, the weather is often very hot and people can tire more easily than normal.
Grasping dragon tendons can relieve men's fatigue and speed up ******circulation in the reproductive system, allowing you to regain your strength and power.

What is back stepping therapy?
Foot massage is also commonly known as "stepping on the back". As the name suggests, it is a massage that uses the feet to step on certain parts of the patient's body or acupoints to push, rub and other foot techniques to achieve the purpose of relaxing muscles and activating ******circulation, regulating qi and unblocking meridians, and preventing and treating diseases. method.

What is Gua Sha?
It is a method of treating diseases by using a gua sha board dipped in gua sha oil and scraping it repeatedly to rub a certain part of the patient's skin.

What is oil massage?
Oil massage uses various massage oils and essential oils. Massaging and rubbing sensitive parts of the body not only lowers ******pressure, promotes ******circulation, and eliminates fatigue, but also beautifies, removes diseases, and makes the skin smoother. It also makes your skin smoother. Feel like a fish in water.

Girl profile: Lele, giving you health and happiness!
Height: 158cm,
Weight: 55kg, natural big breasts: D+ small pink nipples,
A middle-aged girl is not ugly. She was born in the beautiful Pearl of the Orient. She started to practice Chinese medicine massage and napping when she was a girl. She is simple, serious and professional. She likes to constantly learn and improve bone skills. She has massage oil and back stepping, authentic prostate massage, Thai dragon tendon grasping, and front and back heel. I have learned from many masters to grasp dragon tendons and mix Chinese and Thai styles. I have many years of experience. If you have impotence, premature ejaculation, inability to lift, soft edges, frequent urination, prostate problems, and health problems, this is the place for you. A one-stop gas station, come to Lekang in Central District to relieve your man's worst pain. The results vary from person to person, but the basic number is six times.

price list:

Price 1: Full service: $160/ 60 minutes $140 / 30 minutes Service package:shower together, breast push, oral sex with a condom, and sex, 2 times,
+ Enjoy master-level massage techniques: prostate care, treatment, Thai dragon tendon grasping, back stepping, oil pushing, back stepping, and scraping.

Price 2: VlP service: $250 / 60min $200 / 30 minutes, services:shower together,chest massage, water flute, 69 mutual licking, kiss, ice and fire, dulong, second love with condom, or Love once + blowjob once
+ Enjoy prostate health again!

Massage: $140 / 60min
$ 100 / 30 min
Includes: washing + blowing + hand assistant,
+ Prostate maintenance ~ treatment, Thai dragon tendon grabbing ~ back stepping, scraping therapy ~ oil massage ~
0pen time: 9:00am to early morning: around 4:00am
Reservation phone number: 0210563421
WeChat: BMW1388123456
If you don’t reply immediately, please add: Youny2002

At least 3 angels are waiting every day!
Spoken words of the angels: Fuwu has only a starting point and no end!
The angels are looking forward to your visit!

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Make friends with sincerity!
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Morningside Drive, Mount Albert, Auckland 1025
Newly renovated, indoor bathroom, clean and tidy, privacy protection, parking in the yard

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158 cm
Natural D
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Sensual Massage$ 140/60min $100/30min quick 20min $100

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