Welcome to the future of adult advertising in New Zealand. So sexy. So smart. So effective.

Escortify is the the sexiest, most innovative & now most visited adult directory in New Zealand. Escortify is an easier, simpler and a more beautiful way to advertise.

A better way to advertise

Add your profile to the most visited adult directory in New Zealand and see the difference.

Reach thousands of people

Reach hundreds of thousands of people

We rank 1st - 2nd place in Google with all city and country based keywords for New Zealand. We are the most visited adult directory in the country!

Posting profile is easy

Easy. Innovative. Smart.

Posting a profile takes 2 minutes. Edit your profile 24/7, design it, make it yours . Use free "BOOST" functionality and much more. Its that easy!

It´s free no strings attached

Cheap monthly fee

One day costs just 3 NZD with a monthly package. Pay for 3 days, a week or a month. You choose.

Reach more than 1.2 million unique monthly visitors

A platform built for you. Grow your online visibility and brand via an advanced and easy to use platform. More than 1 200 000 unique people visit the website a month.

BOOST functionality and "Online" badge

Want to beat your competition? Using BOOST functionality moves your profile to top of the page, it´s free and gives you an "ONLINE" label for 2 hours. Oh yes!

Boost functionality

VIP profiles get 10 times more views

Vip advertisements get 1000% more views than regular. They are always at the top of the website and have a beautiful VIP badge.

Go vip and get more views

Add a status update? Hell yeah!

Say something special by posting a status update. Traveling? About you? Notices? Sure. This is the status update.

Add status update

Super easy to post profile

Posting a profile with Escortify.co.nz takes just 2 minutes. Its easy as 1-2-3. Its fee. Want to pay for VIP? Do so via credit card or a bank transfer.

Easy to post profile

Expect the exceptional, experience the expertise

Escortify is an easy, fun and beautiful platform made for adult advertisements. Easily manage your profiles and build an truly unique profile which reaches thousands of visitors! Simple. Smart. Sexy.

Works in mobile

Here is whats waiting for you!

Escortify brings adult advertising to a whole new level. Below you can see what you can expect to do here.

Number of profiles 1 Maximum 10 profiles
Free boost functionality Yes Yes
Get online badge for 2 hours Yes Yes
Add a status update Yes Yes
Agency Profile No Yes
Edit advertisement 24/7 Yes No
Credit card payment Yes Yes


How can I get my profile online?

Posting an advertisement has been made easier than ever. Add your profile now. It takes you less than 3 minutes.

  • Sign up with an valid email
  • Add your profile/profiles. Write as much text as you can, and add as much information as you can.
  • Click activate profile or pay for vip membership

I have more questions. Where can I reach you?

Send email to info at escortify.co.nz. We will get back to your in a few hours.

What is VIP profile?

VIP profile gets more than 1000% views than regular ones. VIP profiles are shown at the top of the website and have a VIP sign attached to them.

What payment options are available?

You can pay securely and anonymously via credit card. All payments are handled by a 3rd party credit processor Securion Pay. They are one of the best and most secure credit card processors in the world.