About us

What is the Escortify platform?

Escortify is an adult advertisements platform for user-generated content. We allow adult advertisements and erotic dating ads. We do not generate any content, modify or post advertisements. All of the profiles have been entered by independent people and companies across New Zealand. All of the content, images and texts in the advertisements have been produced and posted by independent 3rd parties. We do not take any responsibility for the content posted.

Escortify believes that adult advertisers in New Zealand deserve a cost effective, easy to use and state of the art website. We also believe in social responsibility and keeping bad actors away from the platform. This is why we have developed probably the most advanced and safe adult dating platform in the world. Offering the best website usability and customer experience for the advertisers is at the heart of what we do. We believe in informed design of the website which is centered around what users really need. Escortify is the most innovative adult advertisements portal in New Zealand.

Escortify launched in New Zealand two and a half years ago with the idea to revolutionalize the adult dating landscape. We wanted to offer people a better, cheaper and more innovative choice. We have now become the 2nd most visited adult dating platform with more than 700 000 unique monthly visitors and hundreds of advertisers.

Meet Escortify

Escortify has the latest technology among classified advertisement portals. We rank 1-2nd in Google with all adult related keywords in New Zealand. This brings more than 1 200 000 unique visitors to our website each month. We are beautiful, easy to use and effective. The prices for advertising are multiple times lower than our main competitors.

Here is what you can do:

• Post your advertisement in just a few minutes
• Add unique status update, unlimited amount of photos, videos, your twitter profile and much more!
• Edit your profile 24/7
• BOOST your profile unlimited times (clicking BOOST moves your profile to the top of the website)
• Design a profile that showcases your true personality and uniqueness


Escortify helps to actively fight against human trafficking and has zero tolerance on such behaviour. All of the IPs of the advertisers will be saved and all illegal behaviour reported to the police.