Tantric Practices, Ritual, Sexual Healing Work

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November 19, 2020 12:52

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Welcome to the Temple, where all of you is welcome.

I am here as your guide, holding loving presence and creating a devotional shrine for you and your power to emerge as the living, embodied expression of the love and beauty you already are.

My sessions will open new doorways for you, in and out of the session room. They are designed to help rebuild the places within you that forgot how to be in union with one another. From the mysteries that lay hidden in your body to the most precious chambers of your heart, this is an invitation to say Yes to living a life in deeper service to Love.

Whether it’s your raw power waiting to unleash, the magic expression hidden in the depths of your soul, the shyest part of your tender heart, or your sexual energy yearning to come out in all its forms—I welcome you into a magic portal where the fullness of your being can emerge.

- - - - -

We often learn to cut off certain parts of us—our sexuality, our heart, our creativity. But this sacred space whispers the opposite: “Bring all parts of you. All of you is welcome.”

Every session is different. Some may focus more on bridging the energy between your heart and sex, training your body to reach new heights of pleasure or regaining sensitivity where deep feeling may have been lost. Others might focus on releasing emotional or sexual trauma from the body, or moving through buried shame of sexual performance, experiencing bliss, or howling out wild emotion. Others could be a longer journey of learning new mastery of internal and external orgasm. 

You might come to a session with a clear intention or simply wanting to unlock new wisdom hidden in your body. There is also a particular magic that comes from journeying over a several week period. 

My sessions are initiations, designed for those who want to keep stepping into the fullness and ecstasy of life.

- - - - — -

I am not here to perform transactional, sexual acts. But we certainly work with sexual energy as an inherent part of who we are. Part of my sessions take active steps to initiate you into the world of Tantra, becoming more embodied and aware of sexual energy as a natural dance of life.

These sessions actively work with energy, touch, breath, sound, and movement. Whether you’re experienced in Tantric practices, or it’s your very first time in these arts, I am here to work with all levels of experience.

I come from a background of different modalities, including extensive Tantra Massage training, somatics and healing work, Shamanic Breathwork, and a multitude of experience in ritual space, sexual and emotional work, and rites of passage with men and women. I have trained and worked all over the world, from the United States to Europe to India and Asia to here in New Zealand.

Areas we can explore:

• Tantra rituals and sexual healing work

• Emotional and sexual trauma healing
• Finding your inner compass + boundary work

• Relationships + intimacy, masculine/feminine work

• Sexual performance and orgasm (male + female) mastery

• Total re-introduction + re-calibration of your sexual energy

• Full embodiment in merging heart + sex + mind

• A library of embodied techniques for your lovemaking life
• Prostate massage + mapping for men (extra $)
• Yoni massage + mapping for women
• And many more…

I do not offer oral or penetrative services.

I work with men, women, and couples. I am happy to answer basic questions in text and a short intro call may suit as well.

I'm a big believer in aftercare, starting with self-care and nourishing the body the days following a session. I always send a follow-up message within 24 hours after our session to check in with you and see how you're feeling. Noticeable differences in your body and livelihood can happen quite fast!

Sessions typically include full nudity, to further open a space of vulnerability between us.

Sessions are not about something that needs to happen, or any agenda. They are designed to create a slow-opening environment of trust, safety, and re-learning what feels right within your being. The human body is a unique instrument and unlocking new keys in your body's wisdom is a magical, exciting process.

We stay open and communicative the entire time.

1 hour: $300
2 hours: $550

For personalized, longer journeys, the price is negotiable.

I look very forward to working with you...


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    , Tantra rituals and sexual healing work
, Oil massage, Emotional and sexual trauma healing, Finding your inner compass, Boundary work
, Relationship + intimacy guidance, Masculine/feminine work, Sexual performance and orgasm (male + female) mastery, Total re-introduction + re-calibration of your sexual energy
, Full embodiment in merging heart + sex + mind
, A library of embodied techniques for your lovemaking life, Prostate massage + mapping for men (extra $), Yoni massage + mapping for women